Clipex Fence Post

 The Revolutionary Clipex™ Fencing System

Clipex™ technology replaces the old hole in the post with an advanced and extremely simple slot and clip system. No more tie-clips or tie wire and our patent pending design allows you to easily “clip” in all wire types.

Panel mesh, barb wires, plain wire, insulators, and standoffs can all be luickly clipped into the post with no special tools required or fiddly parts to lose.

The Clipex™ system is in a new paddock of its own when it comes to speed, simplicity and cost efficiency. Not only is the Clipex™ system the fastest, it’s also incredibly easy to install. The fool-proof clip mechanism is so simple, even pre-schoolers can do it. No wonder Clipex™ is leading the way in agricultural fencing technology. Furthermore, Clipex™ technology allows you to quickly unclip the wire when you want to. It is guaranteed to be the fastest method of attaching fence wires into a fence post whilst drastically reducing
labour and material costs.

Clipex™ is not only incredibly fast and easy to install, but also boasts a wide range of benefits, not found anywhere else in one single system.


  • No more tie wire or tie clips
  • No more pliers or RSI
  • No more walking 6 lengths of the fence – run all wires at the same time
  • No more frustration, or busting your back trying to thread or tie wires
  • Easy solution to damaged posts. Unclip wires, replace damaged post, clip in wires
  • Quickly unclip wires to allow emergency access between paddocks
  • Re-straining, re-cycling or repairing fences is now extremely easier
  • Save plain wire and tie wire costs
  • Stronger panel mesh fencing – all horizontal wires attach to the Clipex™ posts
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