Australian Farm & Fencing has been marketing & distributing farm products, fencing supplies and accessories for over 18 years Australia wide and overseas.

Australian Farm & Fencing has focused on supplying quality Australian made fencing wherever possible to ensure customers receive quality products at very competitive prices which are backed by the Australian manufacturer or distributor. Australian Farm & Fencing supplies a vast array of fencing lines from several different Australian companies and therefore is not “locked” into only supplying one line or brand of fencing supplies. This is extremely important for our customers requirements, we are all about the best possible product at the best possible price. In 2010 Australian Farm & Fencing relocated to it’s new retail site at 11 Moorong St, Wagga Wagga fronting the Olympic Highway which offers improved customer and transport access, With the extra retail showroom and warehouse space Australian Farm & Fencing is now an authorised distributor of:

  • Southern Wire Fencing Products
  • Airco Pneumatic Fencing Clip Guns & Clips
  • Team Poly & Clark Tanks
  • Grainline Augers & Groupers/Drill-Fills
  • All other Rural Fencing Manufacturers Products
  • Leader Products - Livestock Identification
  • Various other farm Products & Supplies
  • Growgreen Biological Liquid Fertilizers
  • 4 Farmers Agricultural Chemicals - Save Big $$$ 
  • Marchant Engineering Pneumatic Post Drivers & Clip Guns
  • Westair Air compressors - Huge Range, Great Product !! 
  • Fenceline Solutions - Wire Strainers, Stayblocks & Staypoints
  • Fenceline Solutions - New Adjustable CamLock Gate Fittings
  • Thunderbird Electric Fencing & Weighing Systems
  • Fair Dinkem Sheds
  • Goat Buyer/ Agent
  • and various other farm products 

Australian Farm & Fencing is also a VIP member of the AIRR group (Australian Independent Rural Retailer) which has access to over 8,000 products from about 250 companies/manufacturers which means Australian Farm & Fencing can secure any & every product at very competitive rates for our customers. AIRR has warehouses in every state further assisting Australian Farm & Fencing’s prompt dispatch and delivery to customers Australia wide.

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