Fastlock Horse Fence

Southern Wire Fastlock Horse Fence uses closely spaced 2” and 4” openings to prevent horses from stepping through or climbing the fence and becoming tangled. The unique Fastlock “square” knot is strong enough to withstand animal impact, yet is smooth both sides, preventing damage to the animals coat and skin. All wires are heavily galvanised and high tensile for maximum durability. Used extensively on horse studs in both Australia and America, the Fastlock Horse Fence will provide you with the ultimate in security and protection for your livestock. It is available in four heights of 90cm, 120cm, 150cm and 180cm, all with the same ultra secure 2” (5cm) by 4” (10cm) mesh.

Fastlock Horse Fence
Fence Description Weight (kg) Rolls Per Pallet
FASTLOCK SQUARE KNOT FENCES – All Wires 2.50mm Heavily Galvanised
FL 10/90/5 x 50m Horse Fence 60 9
FL 13/120/5 x 50m Horse Fence 89 5
FL 16/150/5 x 50m Horse Fence 110 5
FL 19/180/5 x 50m Horse Fence 130 5

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