Southern Wire Fastlock fencing is probably the world’s best farm fence. With a revolutionary new “square” knot to lock high tensile vertical and horizontal wires securely together, this 100% heavily galvanised fencing will remain intact through the most difficult terrain, extreme temperatures and heavy stock impact. The “square” knot is a stronger, more compact version of the traditional ring-joint fences, which eliminates the annoying ring-ping and moving vertical wires that plague lesser fences. It also redefines the term ‘easy to use’, with its clean snag free rolls and the knot that can be simply removed with a snip from a pair of pliers. All Fastlock farm fences are Toughline specification, meaning they have 2.8mm top and bottom wires as standard. Make sure you check out Fastlock before buying any other fence.

Fence Description Weight (kg) Rolls Per Pallet
FASTLOCK SQUARE KNOT FENCES – All Wires Heavily Galvanised
FL 6/70/30 x 200m Sheep, Lamb, Tree Protection 70 9
FL 6/90/30 x 200m Cattle 73 9
FL 7/90/30 x 200m All Stock 85 9
FL 7/90/30 x 500m All Stock 213 4
FL 7/90/45 x 500m All Stock Economy 190 4
FL 8/90/15 x 100m Intensive Stocking/Boundary 65 9
FL 8/90/30 x 200m Boundary Fence 90 9
FL 14/160/15 x 100m Vermin Fence 109 9
FL 15/150/15 x 100m Vermin Fence 115 6

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