"The best fence, there’s no escaping it" 

Our biggest selling range, the Griplock Premier and Griplock Premier Toughline fences offer unparalleled features that no other fences can match. With high tensile line wires and one piece vertical wires joined with the unique ‘fixed knot’ joint. Griplock boasts maximum resistance to impact damage. The super strong Griplock ‘fixed knot’ is renowned worldwide as the strongest pre-fabricated farm fence on the market, able to withstand pressure that would destroy other fences. Manufactured using premium quality heavy galvanised wire, you can be assured that your Griplock fence will be “Stronger for Longer”. Premier Toughline fences have extra strength 2.80mm top and bottom wires.


Fence Description Weight (kg) Rolls Per Pallet
GRIPLOCK PREMIER RANGE – All wires 2.50mm Heavily Galvanised
GLP 5/70/30 x 200m Sheep, Tree Protection 66 9
GLP 5/70/45 x 250m Sheep, Tree Protection 72 9
GLP 5/70/60 x 500m Sheep, Station, Tree Protection 127 5
GLP 6/70/30 x 200m Sheep and Lamb 75 9
GLP 6/70/45 x 250m Sheep and Lamb 82 9
GLP 6/90/30 x 200m Cattle 80 9
GLP 6/90/45 x 250m Cattle 85 9
GLP 6/90/60 x 500m Cattle, Tree Protection 160 5
GLP 8/90/15 x 100m Intensive Stocking Boundary 69 9
GLP 8/90/30 x 200m Boundary 98 9
GRIPLOCK PREMIER TOUGHLINE – 2.80mm Top & Bottom Wires – All Wires Heavily Galvanised
GLPT 7/90/30 x 200m All Stock 94 9
GLPT 7/90/45 x 200m All Stock 80 9
GLPT 7/90/60 x 200m All Stock 76 9

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