Steel Posts

Full weight black steel fence posts with standard hole spacings from our established mill suppliers. Choose these posts for performance and economy. Our galvanised posts are locally hot dip galvanised to Australian standards for extra long life. We also offer the fully imported hot dip galvanised posts as a more economical alternative.

Steel Posts
Product Description Weight (kg) Posts Per Sling
135cm (4ft 6in) Black Varnished 2.7 400
150cm (5ft) Black Varnished 3.0 400
165cm (5ft 6in) Black Varnished 3.2 400
180cm (6ft) Black Varnished 3.5 400
240cm (8ft) Black Varnished 4.7 200
135cm (4ft 6in) Locally Hot Dip Galvanised 2.8 200
150cm (5ft) Locally Hot Dip Galvanised 3.1 200
165cm (5ft 6in) Locally Hot Dip Galvanised 3.3 200
180cm (6ft) Locally Hot Dip Galvanised 3.7 200
240cm (8ft) Locally Hot Dip Galvanised 4.9 200
150cm (5ft) Imported Galvanised 3.1 400
165cm (5ft 6in) Imported Galvanised 3.3 400
180cm (6ft) Imported Galvanised 3.6 400

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