Worm Hit


Soil Conditioning Worm Casting Pellets with Microbes for Plant and Soil.
  • Broad Acre
  • Maximise Nutrient Availability
  • Improves Soil Structure
  • Improves Water Retention
  • Increases Yields and Quality
  • Disease Suppression
  • Contains Humic Acid


Founded in Mildura, Victoria in November 2015, Worm Hit investigated the uses of worm castings in a pelletised and compacted form for use in the agricultural and home garden fertiliser sector. With small trials established in 2016 for the Victorian wheat season, Worm Hit soon realised that there is a large untouched market in the biological fertiliser industry for worm castings, following successful trials on wheat and horticultural crops in the Mallee area in Victoria. Worm Hit has been in research and development mode to find the best uses of production with commercial product sales having commenced in February 2017.
Worm Hit has two products - worm castings in a pellet form that are available in 4L buckets, 10L buckets and 1 tonne bulker bags. The Worm blocks weigh 1kg and are ideal for tree planting and uses where a mother bed is required for long term nutrient availability and root development.
A key result of using the biological products is the ongoing improvement in soil health. This addresses a key issue for farmers where soil health has deteriorated markedly over the decades forcing growers to use more and more chemical fertiliser products to try and achieve the same yield outcome. The microbiology in soil is what generates nutrients and trace elements for the plants. Nutrients in the soil must be in their natural form before plants can take them up. It is one of the functions of a healthy food web to hold nutrients in non-leachable forms so that they remain in the soil until the plant requires the nutrients.
Then the plant "turns on" the right biology to convert the nutrients into forms that the plant can uptake.


Are a unique biological fertiliser product that is rich in nutrients and beneficial soil micro-organisms.
Worm Hit pellets contain worm castings and a carbon food source for microbial activity to survive and prosper. Worm Hit pellets are available in 5mm diameter.

  1. Applying through wheat seeders
  2. Applying through broadcasting and conveyer spreaders
  3. Applying as a soil enricher when planting seeds or seedlings
  4. Soil conditioning and improving water retention

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